The Last Vispo in Budapest

On April 23, 2010, Hungarian visual poet Márton Koppány curated an exhibition of selected works from the anthology in downtown Budapest at the Ráday Könyvesház Cultural Center. The show displayed 52 prints on A4 paper. Its opening event inaugurated an international poetry festival drawing visitors from all over Central and Eastern Europe.

Márton Koppány discusses vispo in Budapest

Artists & Their Works

Fernando Aguiar Calligraphy Reed Altemus Mural
mIEKAL aND Cascajal Flower Trance Color Gary Barwin Ode
Michael Basinski FECHEFACHE Guy R. Beining freezing briefness
John M. Bennett Tic Carla Bertola Down-up
Jaap Blonk Labior Daniel f. Bradley White Witch 11
Mike Cannell “e” river Judith Copithorne              The Letter O
Amanda Earl       Sun endwar  A found concrete poem for Bern Porter
Kathy Ernst         Viole(n)t Oded Ezer The Message
Tim Gaze untitled Marco Giovenale 0506, from “asemic sibyls”
Robert Grenier AFTER/NOON/SUN/SHINE Bob Grumman Frame 1 of The Long Division of Poetry
Scott Helmes untitled Geof Huth Suspension Within
Serkan Isin dada korkut alphabet Michael Jacobson from Action Figures
Satu Kaikkonen Paper Flowers Karl Kempton Rune 16 Basho Answers Before Hakuin Asked
Joe Keppler  1000 Common Surnames in USA Anatol Knotek zickzack
Jim Leftwich decomposition 2 Troy Lloyd peakzero playback
Carlos M. Luis Ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos Kaz Maslanka Beginners Mind
Sheila Murphy  Attentionalia Stephen Nelson Walk with Me
Marko Niemi  from Katjusha Rea Nikonova Architectural Treatment
Juergen Olbrich from the series “Postcard-corrections (since 1977)” Clemente Padin Nahuatl Protest Song Circa 1500 & Nahuatl Protest Song Version 2005
Marilyn R. Rosenberg Voyage Suzan Sari The Sun of Somewhere
Michael V. Smith
& David Ellingsen
from Body of Text Serge Segay from Comma-ism
Pete Spence untitled Carol Stetser from Mappaemundi
Cecil Touchon Fusion Series No. 2500 Aysegul Tozeren  ekmek
Andrew Topel from Ink
Helen White  Holding
Tim Willette Black Letter Karl Young from 100 Sunrises 1000 Sunsets – Moon Plates
Mark Young                    Defiant Lethargy

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